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Have a Ball

What is "Have a Ball"?

Community Through Youth Sport Foundation and United Soccer Alliance of Indiana provides a free “Have A Ball” program for P.E. classes or during a school's Field Day event.  USA of Indiana’s “Have A Ball” is a mobile “Introduction to Soccer” physical education class for children, K-8th.  Have A Ball’s fine and gross motor development fitness class is taught by experienced youth soccer instructors.  As “Have A Ball” takes place during your regularly scheduled P.E. class, the P.E. instructor is also in attendance.  There is no charge to the school and “Have A Ball” supplies all equipment and balls.  Please contact Coach Smith to determine if your school is eligible.  “Have A Ball” provides school children opportunities to grow, learn, and have fun through sport with the mission to “Develop Fine Young Men and Women, One Child at a Time.” 

“Have A Ball” Rationale:

“Have A Ball” compliments the school’s P.E. educational focus on wellness while developing the physical, mental, and social well being of each student.  Instruction and participation in a variety of experiences enables the student to assess his/her own capabilities and limitations as well as stimulate self-discipline, develop and improve motor skills and physical fitness levels.  Character building traits such as sportsmanship, leadership, cooperation, sociability, creativity, and fair play are emphasized.  “Have A Ball” provides a carefully planned experience that results in knowledge about the value of physical activity, the components of physical fitness, essential motor skills, and the social qualities that make for effective citizenship.

“Have A Ball” Class Features: 

*Professional instruction from United Soccer Alliance of Indiana
*Soccer Fundamentals.
*Clinics offered for each PE class at each school

“Have A Ball” Curriculum:

Warm up/stretching
Fun foot work with the ball.
Play small group games.
Scrimmage game

“Have A Ball” Class Staff Includes:

Theron Smith, Director of Coaching
Junior Miranda, Director of Coaching
Will Pfaffenberger: Soccer Director, United Soccer Alliance of Indiana.
Thomas Geisse: President, Community Through Youth Sport Foundation

Dear Coach,

Thank you so very much for bringing your expertise to our school! The “USA of Indiana Have A Ball” program is wonderful, active, and meaningful. I truly believe that my kids are better sportsmen and sports women because of you.  Thank you for being who you are, and for caring so much about us. 

Respectfully and sincerely, 

Wellness Instructor